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Book Cover Here you'll find online materials to complement the college textbook:

An Introduction to Web Design and Programming

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The Book

One of the first to introduce Web design and programming in an integrated manner, this text covers visual communication design (VCD) and computer programming together. The text addresses style and coding of website development, and more importantly, their combination.

Students can learn to avoid the ``form without function'' or ``function without form'' pitfalls that plague so many websites.

The book balances theory and practice. For website development, both the underlying principles as well as concrete procedures and techniques are presented.

An Introduction to Web Design and Programming is ideal for Computer Science and Computer Technology courses at the undergraduate level.


  • Covering both graphical design and programming
  • Introduction to the Web, HTTP, and HTML/XHTML
  • Website creation process
  • Information design and architecture
  • Fonts, visual grids and page layout
  • Colors and graphics
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Client-side scripting: Javascript
  • Graphics and site production
  • Document Object Model and DHTML
  • Audio and video for the Web
  • Server-side programming: CGI and Perl

For more information, please look at the Preface, the Table of Contents, and the Index

New Web Programming Textbook

Wang has a new book Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5 that focuses on Web programming and goes much more in-depth on server-side programming, database-driven sites, HTML5 and its APIs, XML, AJAX, Web services, SVG, MathML, and mobile websites.

The integration of design and coding in the textbook here complements well the pure programming orientation of the new book.

Website Overview

This website supplies supplemental as well as additional information for readers of the textbook. You'll find:

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