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Sanda Katila and Paul Wang are professors at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA.

Sanda Katila

Picture of Sanda KatilaIn her 13 years of working as a professional designer, Professor Katila has worked with numerous clients, including Sea World of Ohio, The Plain Dealer, McDonald's Corp., Ronald McDonald Children's Charities of Northeastern Ohio, Akron General Hospital, Warner Cable Co., National City Bank, KeyCorp, Coors Corporation, Azica Records, Kelly Tire, Matrix Essentials and Brecksville Chamber of Commerce.

Professor Katila joined the staff of the School of Visual Communication Design, Kent State University, in 1993, where she taught all levels of design in the program, including Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to Typography, 3-D Design, and senior level courses such as TypoPhoto Illustration and Issues for Graphic Design Businesses.

In 1998, the School of Visual Communication Design joined efforts with the Computer Science Department and Professor Katila began co-teaching what was at that time called Web Publishing with Professor Paul Wang. Together, they developed a first of its kind course, taught to both CS and VCD students. During the same year, Professor Katila was appointed the new media advisor to the Communications Team which eventually formed a new college at the all women's university in Dubai and Abhu Dabi, United Arab Emirates.

In May of 1999, commissioned by Zayed University at the request of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al-Nahyan, President and Chancellor of Zayed University, Professor Katila visited UAE. Based on her research, she created two first of its kind courses (Web Design and Information Design and Presentation.) used in the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University.

In 2000, CS and VCD formed a curriculum team in response to a University initiative on interdisciplinary curriculum development. The team submitted a proposal to develop a Web Communication minor by expanding cooperation between CS and VCD.

Professor Katila is a member of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphics Arts). In the School of Visual Communication Design, she serves as a member of the New Technology Committee. She is a Resource Center Manager, facilitating staff and resources in two major computer labs in the Art Building.

Sanda's Homepage

Paul S. Wang (王士弘)

Picture of Paul S. WangPaul is the author of this and several other computer science books. He is Professor of Computer Science and Director of Research at the Institute for Computational Mathematics (ICM/Kent), Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA.

A Ph.D. and faculty member from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Paul Wang became a Computer Science professor at Kent State in 1981. Paul is a leading expert in the research area Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (SAC). He is now working with an international group to make mathematics computation and mathematics eudcation available on the Web.

He has received over forty research fundings from government and industry, published nine textbooks and many software tools. In 2001, Paul received the Ohio Governor's Award for University Faculty Entrepreneurship.

Paul has supervised 12 Ph.D. and over 26 Master-degree students. His main research interests include polynomial algorithms, parallel and distributed SAC, Internet accessible mathematical computation, and enabling technologies for Web-based mathematics education.

Paul's Homepage

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