Java with Object-Oriented Programming and World Wide Web Applications

by Paul S. Wang
Thomson Course Technology, Boston MA, USA
ISBN: 0-534-95206-2


General Information

The textbook provides a thorough introduction to Java, object-oriented programming, applets for Web pages, and advanced Java features. The book is designed for a semester course at the upper college or beginning graduate level.

Paul Wang, author of successful textbooks on C, C++/OOP, and UNIX, here presents the Java programming language. Intended for students with at least a previous course in programming, the text introduces object-oriented methods, graphical user interfaces, and event-driven programming. These concepts and techniques are applied to the development of interesting programs and applets, with the careful attention to practical implementation details that have characterized Wang's other books. An excellent choice for courses in web programming, OOP, or software engineering, as well as junior/senior-level Java courses.



Features graphical user interfaces, event-driven programming, and applet programming provides skills necessary for programming WWW applications demanded by industry.

Integrates object-oriented programming with Java, so students learn how to write good Java codes and exploit fully the power of Java and OOP.

Illustrates networking facilities of Java and demonstrates their applications in practice with realistic examples.

Introduces concepts and background information on Internet, WWW, HTML, CGI, and HTTP queries to set Java applet and networking in context.

Covers concurrent programming and threads, enabling students to write more complex programs efficiently.

Shows how different Java features combine to achieve OOP and effective problem solving in practical situations.

Conforms to and includes new features of JDK1.1 and JDK1.2.

Organizes materials logically and efficiently so the text is concise and compact.

Demonstrates concepts and techniques with excellent examples that are complete and ready to run (see below).


Code Example Package

This code example package is distributed under license from SOFPOWER. The code example package is for the personal use of purchasers of the book Java with Object-Oriented Programming and World Wide Web Applications. Any other use, copying, or resale is prohibited.

After downloading the file, follow instructions on the inside back cover of the book to unpack and set up the example package.

  • javaWang.tgz - gzip-ed tar file for UNIX (114386 bytes, updated 1/26/2001)
  • - zip file for PC Win95, Win98 or WinNT (224201 bytes, updated 1/26/2001)
  • - binhex encoded file for Mac OS (306712 bytes, updated 1/17/99). After you get this file, decode it to Then, use a utility such as MacZip to unpack the .zip file.
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